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Pemserter Machine



The Series 2000 press is a 71.2kN / 16,000 lbs. automatic press system that utilizes a programmable logic container and a menu driven touch screen, operator interfacing system, which is available in nine different languages. Touch screen allows for quick-run-set-up, easy operator training, and precise fastener installation setups.

The series 2000 press has a unique LIGHTSTREAM operator Safety System (patent applied for). It is a wireless, fail-safe system which utilizes a pair of infrared light beams to improve worker and workpiece safety.




Top Feed
Standard automatic tooling for the Series 2000 press is available for commonly used stud, nut, and stadoff fasteners. Injector style for FH and HFH studs (limited to 1" length), and vacuum style top feed for length to dash 30 are used to increase productivity and lower installation costs.
Bottom Feed Nut, Large Format

This bottom feed tooling was designed for large S nuts installed on the inside of a flange as well as the flat of a workpiece.


PEMSERTER TRU-MOTION press system are available with rotary or X/Y positioning tables, or robotic integratio. These presses are customized systems which are automated and motion-controlled.

A highly advance robotic arm, integrated with the PEMSTER Series 2000 automated press, manouevers and positions metal sheets quickly and reliably for installing self-clinching fasteners. The result is total automation and stramlining of the entire fastener installation process.

The robotic are computer driven and programmable for any application. It is synchronized with the Series 2000 press to present the workpiece to the point of fastener installation. The arm offers maximum flexibility with six axes of movement and a 101.6cm / 40" reach, and features touch screen controls for easy operation.


The Pemserter die feed system will bring new dimensions to your stamping capabilities. It incorporates the latest technologies to deliver the performance that is needed to compete in the highly competitive stamping industry. It will eliminate the secondary operations typically required for fastener insertion, thus reduce your overall labor costs, improve part quality and dramatically improve the through put of your products.


Turrent Tool System provides an eddicient method to quickly changes between four dufferent anvil tools. The one-handed operation of this tool allows an operator to install four different types and/or sizes of fasteners with one set-up. The QX4 Turrent Tool System can be easily installed on all new and existing PEMSERTER Series 4 and Series 2000.


The Series L/T press is a 26.7 kN / 6,000 lbs. manual press is designed to install unified or metric self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs requiring three tons of insertion force or less. It has an internal "point of operation" safety and unique removable anvil base to accept future applications.


The Series 4 press is a 53.3kN / 12,000lbs. manual press, equipped with an adjustable stroke length, and a 54.7cm / 18" throat depth which provides a generous work area for a variety of chassis configurations. It is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 / #0 thru M10 / 3/8" in steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2" in aluminium or circuit boards.


The Micro-Mate hand is a versatible hand tool weighing only 1.25kg / 2 3/4lbs that can develop a squeezing force of 1134kg / 2,500lbs.


The Series P3 fastener installation press is a portable hand tool weighing only 4.6kg / 101lbs. That can develop a squeezing force of 26.4kN / 6000lbs.