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Rivets & Tools

Introduction :
Blind Rivets have been designed to fulfill a variety of functions across a wide range ofo assembly applications. When the mandrel which is gripped by the jaws in the nosepiece snaps off flush with the rivet at a predetermined lood. Blind Rivets are manufactured in different lengths, diameters, head forms, materials & finishes, and to join materials requiring different grip requirements. They are also designed for specific applications in metal, wood & plastic involving assemblies. A feature common to all blind rivets is that they are all installed from one side of the work-piece to increase the speed and efficiency of assembly. Some of the benefits are increased productivity, reduced cost and high quality end products. 
Applications Building & Construction, Automative Applications, Electronic Equipment, Dosmetic Appliances, Roofing and Cladding and Offshore Industry Repair Work. 
Sizes & Types:
Metric ~ 2.4 to 6.4 and Unified ~ 3/32 to 1/4
Close End & Open End
Aluminium, Copper, Free Cutting Steel and Stainless Steel. 
Finish :
Custom Colored and Zinc. 


(Battery Type)
(Air Type) 
  • Battery Operated Tool
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Weight around 2.2kg (with battery)
  • Working range up to 5mm diameter rivet in all material
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic Tool
  • Working range can up to 6.4mm Diameter Rivet subject to model and material used
  • Weight from 1.3kg, up to 2kg
  • Varies model on different working range